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Our Service Principles


Innovative ideas and creative approaches are critical to helping small businesses overcome fierce competition, modest budgets, and unexpected issues. Get the management consulting expertise to tackle challenges head-on, break through restraints and put groundbreaking small business consulting ideas into action with confidence – ultimately improving your decisions and business results.

A key component of our corporate culture is to always operate with integrity and ensure that our employees, independent contractors and other members of our community are provided with the knowledge and tools they need to make decisions which reflect our core values. We look forward to working with you and realizing your business goals.

We will establish TRUST with you as a client:

  • Establish openness and vulnerability
  • Be dependable
  • Listen without judgment and stay fully present
  • Honor confidentiality
  • Give honest feedback

We are CARING:

  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Follow up between meetings
  • Be available

We will CHALLENGE you:

  • Ask insightful and tough questions
  • Create safety and discomfort
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Hold one another accountable to achieving goals
  • Seek new ways to grow and develop

We will help you implement GROWTH:

  • Imagine new ideas
  • Set strategy, goals, and action steps
  • Remove barriers
  • Foster learning and development

Finally, we are committed to conducting business ethically and in compliance with the letter and spirit of the law. This commitment is reflected in our core values and is embodied by our Code of Ethics.


Accelerator Program

Our Business Accelerator Program requires MCA and/or Project Evaluation Committee Approval. It is typical for an accelerator program to take a nominal ownership interest in the company that will be working with, this usually ranges from a 5 to 10% equity stake in the business.


Petrini & Workman has developed a “Take It to the Crowd” process to provide clients with a complete soup to nuts customized Crowdfunding Strategy and Action Plan. Our methodology will provide you with a significant advantage over others in the space because we believe that execution can only be as good as the preparation.

Financial Statement Preparation

Perhaps you have the text for your business plan ready to go, but need some help in formulating one or more of the big 5 financial statements. Petrini & Workman stands ready to assist you.

Business Incubator

A Business Incubator is a company that offers services, primarily to start up and young companies, which are still working on formulating the core business concept and operational principals.

Security Documentation and Offerings

While Business Plans are an important factor in corporate fundraising, they are, by themselves; not designed to effectively raise investor capital. What is needed is a “mechanism” that provides the framework and structure necessary for a company to effectively solicit and receive capital investment from individual investors.

Business Document Review Service

Have a business plan but not sure if it is “Investor Ready”? Would you like to have an industry professional’s assistance, input, and guidance without spending thousands of dollars? Look no further! A professional review of your business plan is just a click away.

Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurial development ranges from understanding how to start a business, to growing your current business and taking it to the next level. Both are equally and critically important to the health of a business.

Investor Ready Presentation & Document Services

With a client supplied business plan or existing executive summary, Petrini and Workman will modify and reformat to “Investor Ready” an existing executive summary or will create an Investor-Ready Executive Summary based off client’s existing business plan.

Private Placement Offering (PPM) Preparation

A completed Private Placement Memorandum is a document you give to an investor that will provide that investor with “all material information” needed to make an informed decision. This complies with the SEC – Regulation D requirements.

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