Investor Ready Presentation & Document Services

Investor Ready Executive Summary

When it comes to reviewing documentation via e-mail for the purposes of making a loan or investment, Venture Capital Groups, Angels, Banks, non-Bank SBA Lending Institutions, “start-up”, and mezzanine level investment groups prefer a standalone comprehensive standardized Executive Summary of a business or project for preliminary review in lieu of opening a lengthy Business Plan document. With a client supplied business plan or existing executive summary, Petrini and Workman will modify and reformat to “Investor Ready” an existing executive summary or will create an Investor Ready Executive Summary based off client’s existing business plan.

Fee: $250.00 * Client must provide business plan

Investor Ready One Page Project Overview

An overview is required when you must present in writing a brief synopsis of your project’s attributes. Due to the increased volume of deal flow, investment groups are now mandating a standardized investor ready one page overview for a preliminary review of your project, in lieu of an Executive Summary or lengthy Business Plan. Therefore, with a client supplied business plan or existing executive summary, Petrini and Workman will create an overview will be a concise yet comprehensive in-depth product and service and industry overview. Your one page overview will be exclusively profiled, detailed and targeted toward investors specifically interested in your type of product/service.

Fee $150.00 * Client must provide business plan

Slide Deck Creation (Power Point Presentation)

In today’s world, when you must present your business, investors and will be looking for you to provide a presentation with a slide show, known as a “slide deck”. This is typically done using MS Power Point. Petrini and Workman will help you create a powerful presentation with presenting talking points highlighting the company’s:
• Business and Financial Development Plans Detailing Marketing Demographics and Feasibility
• Stock Ownership
• Offering
• Risks
• Competition
• Objectives
• Milestones
• Economic zones modeling and ROI
• Value Proposition
• Exist Strategy

This presentation will be formatted in such a way as to allow for in person presentation but also remote presentation via web services. Petrini and Workman will incorporate the most topical, pertinent, and compelling information by developing talking points for 10 – 15 slides based on a 15-minute presentation to entice investors and re-enforce your business model to get their attention.

This service includes, 1-hour of Petrini and Workman audit time to listen, critique, and comment to assist you in presenting in less than 15 minutes for maximum impact.

Fee $1750.00 * Client must supply business plan

Investor Ready Business Plan

Need help crafting an Investor Ready Business Plan? Petrini and Workman will assign a professional business plan writer to custom craft the client’s business plan in preparation for seeking funding. This will include creation of the company’s business and financial development plans detailing marketing demographics and feasibility, company stock ownership, offering, risk, competition, objectives, milestones, exit strategy, economic zones modeling, documentation and administrative requirements for project presentation and publishing to accredited investors. Petrini and Workman will develop graphs and charts depicting the percentages and ratios of sales, market penetration, etc., along with the narrative and financial documentation required to set forth the use of proceeds and stock allocations required to fulfill the company’s or investment needs, to include the following applicable categories. Due to the varying types of companies that are seeking funding, there is not a static table of contents or list of items to be included in the disclosure documents. Since every company is different, Petrini and Workman will adjust the due diligence process and requirements to suit the type of offering and the industry in which the company operates. The table of contents outline below covers most of the topics and/or items required in a professional business plan.

Fee Range: $4,250.00 – $8,250.00

Financial Statement Preparation

Perhaps you have the text for your business plan ready to go, but need some help in formulating one or more of the big 5 financial statements. Petrini and Workman stands ready to assist you

Sales Projections with Assumptions

Having trouble with forecasting your sales into the future? Most prospective investors want to see sales forecasts that extend out 3 to 5 years after funding is achieved. Simply put, they want to see what the money will do for the business’s top line. However, this must be built with clearly identified assumptions so that an investor can see if the forecast is realistic.
Have a Petrini and Workman Business Development Specialist help you build your sales projections with clearly articulated and defined assumptions.

Fee $750.00.

Pro Forma P & L Statements

Pro forma, Latin for “as a matter of form”, in the world of finance it simply means a presentation based upon hypothetical information. Sales projection are important, but they hardly tell everyone the complete story. Sales projections tell you about the top line (revenues), P & L statements take a summary of that information, and add in the summary of the costs (COGS, fixed and variable business expenses, including salary, rent, etc.) and reveals whether the company made or loss money. Investors will want to see Pro forma P & L statements along with your 3 to 5 year sales forecasts.
Have a Petrini and Workman Business Development Specialist help you build your Pro Forma P & L Statements.

Fee $250.00 * Must have Sales Forecasts covering the same period.

Pro Forma Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is financial report that provides a “snap shot” of a company’s financial condition with regards to the status of a company’s assets, liabilities, and owners’ equity on a given date. The Pro forma component means that this will be based upon hypothetical information forecasted out into the future based upon the Sales Forecast and P & L Statements. Again, this should be forecasted out 3 to 5 years, just like your sales forecast and P & L Statements.
Have a Petrini and Workman Business Development Specialist help you build your Pro Forma Balance Sheets.

Fee $100.00 * Must have Pro Forma P & L Statements

Cash Flow Analysis

A Cash Flow Analysis is a financial report that analyzes all the changes that affect the cash account during an accounting period looking at all changes in cash in the categories of operations, investments, and finances. A company with more cash coming in then going out, is considered Cash Flow Positive while the opposite is Cash Flow Negative. Cash Flow is an extremely important element for any business to monitor. Even companies that have assets well more than the liabilities may end up bankrupt simply because they failed to monitor their cash position appropriately and could not generate enough cash to meet current obligations.
The Cash Flow Analysis for investment purposes should follow the Pro Forma P & L, Balance Sheet, and Sales Forecasts.
Have a Petrini and Workman Business Development Specialist help you build your Cash Flow Analysis.

Fee $250.00 * Must have Pro Forma P & L and Pro Forma Balance Sheet

Break Even Analysis

A Break-Even Analysis is a financial report that determines the volume of sales at which fixed and variable costs will be covered, known as the Break Even Point. All sales beyond this point, will lead profits, all sales below this point lead to losses.
Have a Petrini & Workman Business Development Specialist help you build your Break-Even Analysis.

Fee $150.00 * Must have Pro Forma P & L and Sales Forecasts Assumptions

All 5 Financial Statements

Have a Petrini and Workman Business Development Specialist help you with all 5 of the Financial Statements.

Fee $1050.00 *