Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurial development ranges from understanding how to start a business, to growing your current business and taking it to the next level. Both are equally and critically important to the health of a business.

Do one of the following scenarios fit your situation?

Scenario One:

Are you a professional thinking about starting your own business, but you don’t know how to start a business? Perhaps you’re wondering if your idea is good enough to make it in the marketplace. Would you be able to make a living from the income your business generates? How will you transition from your current job to full-time entrepreneur?
There are several things you need to consider:
– Is there sufficient Marketplace Demand to ensure you will be successful?
– Do you have the right Personality & Passion to be an entrepreneur?
– Do you or your partners have what it takes in terms of Skills & Knowledge?
– What Business Model will generate the most profits for you?
– Do you have a compelling Business Plan that will allow you to attract investors or qualify for a loan?

Scenario Two:

Are you the owner of a small business needing to grow your business? Maybe you already have a business but are having difficulty growing it.
PWW business coaches can help you work through the following growth strategies and tactics:
– Develop an integrated online presence (website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to foster inbound marketing
– Use online advertising (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube, etc.)
– Design giveaways and/or bundled products or services
– Strategically use trade shows and conferences
– Subscribe to lead generation services
– Subscribe to, and create your own, referral services using existing customers
– Team with logical, successful business integration partners
– Identify niche target segments that you can successful compete in
– Build a list of target clients (use directories, common suppliers, your customers’ competitors, etc.)
– Leverage your own networks with outbound marketing and networking
– Develop a systematic personal selling program (emails, phone calls, appts., etc.)
– Hold information sessions & workshops
– Acquire a competitor’s business
– Develop new products, expand into new markets
– Use relevant guerilla marketing techniques

Scenario Three:

Have you been in business for a bit of time now and need to optimize your profits or “take it to the next level.” Perhaps it’s time to turn your “mom & pop shop” into a more significant business with well-defined processes and systems. PWW Business coaches are all senior veterans of both for-profit and non-profit organizations. They are skilled in defining the identity of an organization, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses, relating those to threats and opportunities that lie in the future, and crafting the best path to successful transformation.
PWW coaches are vastly equipped to assist your organization successfully implement change in a number of areas, including:
• Organizational Health Assessments
• Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
• Operational & Business Planning
• Mission/Vision/Values & Organizational Alignment
• Values-Based Decision Making
• Marketing & Growing the Business
• Controlling Costs & Optimizing Profits
• Leadership Training & Deployment
• Staff Professional Development & Team Building
• Culture Assessment & Culture Change Management
• Process Improvement & Reengineering
• Technology & Systems Reviews

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