Petrini & Workman has developed a Take It to the Crowd Process to provide clients with a complete soup to nuts customized Crowdfunding Strategy and Action Plan. Our methodology will provide you with a significant advantage over others in the space because we believe that execution can only be as good as the preparation. As we say: “It is one thing to launch a Crowdfunding campaign, another thing to launch a successful Crowdfunding campaign, and yet still another thing altogether to launch a successful Crowdfunding campaign that can deliver upon its promises.”

Why Use Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing?

Crowdfunding is a funding vehicle that can be utilized by just about any type of project. It’s an obvious source for non-profit funding, but what about for a profitable business? For-profit enterprises, not only can use this vehicle but have done so successfully many times. Crowdfunding can not only get you the funding you need, but it can also provide you with what is called ‘proof of concept’, this is what is meant by “Crowdsourcing.” Proof of Concept is an important milestone for any business, which wants to be successful, must meet. This milestone is one that any investor or potential funding source critically looks at when deciding to invest or not. Ultimately, the question remains an open one, no matter how well your business plan is crafted, as to whether the market will want whatever it is that you are offering.

Crowdsourcing is the perfect vehicle to deliver unquestionable proof that the market wants what it is that you are offering.  In fact, many investors are spending time watching the Crowdfunding markets for potential new investment candidates.  If you can successfully raise money from your market and build support for your business, whether your business is just an idea written on paper or a company that has been in business over 100 years, you will have a far greater likelihood of seeing market success.

What Petrini and Workman offers You in the “Take It to the Crowd Process”?

The Petrini and Workman offers a comprehensive package in its Take It to the Crowd Process. This includes:

Step 1: Initial Project Review & Evaluation

During this step, our team will complete a thorough Due Diligence of the project and the principals that stand behind the project where the Petrini and Workman will validate the concept and the company’s, along with management’s, ability to deliver the results as set forth in the company’s business plan. In other words, will the company be likely to achieve the milestones set forth (the reason funding is needed) if funding is in place? When we work with a Crowdfunding project, we are standing behind that project’s promises. We want to make sure that you can deliver.
This also includes a Competitive Analysis of the project against the current market in the Crowdfunding arena. It is important to know how your project will stack up in the marketplace. Can you compete?

Step 2: Company Preparation Work

At this point in the process, any additional business documents will be developed (e.g. a slide show presentation known in the industry as a ‘slide deck’, a project summary and overview, creation of a Crowdfunding pitch), along with the creation of any necessary videos or productions (e.g. a Crowdfunding pitch video). We will also assist you with the development of a company logo, incorporating the business, and development of a company website.
Concurrently with this, a Crowdfunding strategy will also be crafted which will link the company plan with the Crowdfunding pitch together with creating deliverable rewards to provide to donors.

Step 3: Creation of Crowdfunding Marketing Plan

They say there is no such thing as bad press. While we aren’t sure about that maxim, it does bring up a great point. No matter how good your pitch is, no matter how fantastic your rewards are, no matter how close you are to realizing your plan, if no one knows about it, you aren’t likely to raise much money. When it comes to Crowdfunding, a solid social media marketing plan is a must. This is where we work with you to create a customized, comprehensive social media marketing campaign.

Step 4: Execution of the Crowdfunding Campaign

With the preparation work all done, now it comes down to execution. Put our team to work for you in executing your marketing plan.

Petrini and Workman Fee Structure

Projects are taken on for the Take It to the Crowd Process must be accepted by the Project Evaluation Committee.
Petrini and Workman will charge a fee of $50,000 (Payment Plans are available) to perform all the services listed above + the fee for originating capital as set forth below.

Amount of Capital Required

Consideration First $1 mm Second $1 mm Third $1 mm Fourth $1 mm
+5% +4% +3% +2%
Purchase Service