About Us

Petrini & Workman Worldwide

Dedicated to the Elevation of Business & Sustainability

Petrini and Workman Worldwide is a family consulting and business coaching services network comprised of recognized industry professionals with expertise in corporate finance, venture capital placements, legal formation, market research, and business planning and development. We use a holistic approach to identify business and capital resources for our clients.

Executive Leadership Team

“We live in a diverse world. To meet and anticipate the ever-increasing needs of world-class clients, our consulting, financial, and recruiting firms must keep generating the freshest ideas that grow best where our consultants, brokers, and recruiters possess the breadth of experience, perspective, and insight that come with diversity. 

At the Petrini and Workman Companies, we have worked hard—and will continue to work hard—to ensure that the firm and every practice group mirror the diversity of the world in which our clients operate. We also will continue to work hard to maintain the environment of teamwork and collegiality that encourages all our consultants, brokers, and recruiters to keep generating those innovative ideas that sophisticated clients demand in the 21st century.” – Contessa Petrini

“Wealth defined by the Workman begins from an internal and external health standpoint. Internal health corresponds with one’s physical, mental, and spiritual state, ceteris parbius. In this context, Petrini & Workman Worldwide acts as an anchor attached to the core of our being. Above all else, what we put into our family business allows space/time to affect our three primary tenets positively. As the external realm continuously evolves, grounding oneself internally is of the utmost importance within the Workman Branch.

Before making connections with the outside world, our family synergy is rooted in the concept of ‘wealthy connections.’ There is abundant support, grit, care, and awareness when interacting with anyone relating to these familial branches. Interacting with the external world is intuitive by possessing an internal locus of control framed around our individual and collective family consciousness.” – Benjamin Workman

Why Work with Our Family?

Servant Leadership

We believe serving others in personal and professional endeavors creates a more cooperative society. We favor positive and long-lasting change over accruing fleeting power. As the world changes exponentially, assisting clientele with achieving their highest aspirations powers our purpose.

System-Oriented Guidance

Petrini & Workman Worldwide fosters an environment that advances continuous improvement at every level of the organization. We strive to become better learners, and this translates into being better listeners for our clients and potential partners.

Synergistic Instruction

We utilize Operational & Conceptual Learning to create synergy between our organizational models and the mental models held by both clientele & internal operatives. We are continually developing ways to capture these individual mental models to establish a learning system shared with our business partners.


Every business has a Mission & Vision Statement, but not every company has a purpose. Doing business solely for-profit is no longer sufficient. We work with clients to ensure purposes permeate the organization's staff, business procedures, and sustainability measures.

Four 'Win' Philosophy

Many professionals are looking to make a multi-faceted impact in their industry. Petrini & Workman Worldwide assists clientele with navigating prospective wins for their brand's perception, financial dealings, charitable, and planetary causes.

Always Present

Every family business member has a passion for helping others in varying professions. Remaining in the moment and actively listening to our clients reinforces positive trajectories for all parties.

Ready to Elevate?