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About Us

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Petrini & Workman Worldwide, LLP is a business consulting and business coaching services network comprised of recognized industry professionals with expertise in corporate finance, venture capital placements, legal formation, market research, and business planning and development. Petrini & Workman uses an integrated approach to identify business and capital resources for its clients.

Petrini & Workman, LLP was established in 1997 by Contessa PetriniEdD has over 20 years of business and finance capital placement consulting. Her son, Benjamin WorkmanMBA has several years of business development, accounting, and business strategic planning under his belt, after receiving his MBA in Economics. Through the years, Petrini & Workman has evolved from predominantly writing business plans to today, whereby Petrini & Workman is aggressively developing access to some of the best sources available assisting clients in starting businesses, reorganizing their businesses, coaching clients in specific business needs and segments, as well as providing capital resources.

Through its national business development network, Petrini & Workman has implemented all stages of project development – from conception to ideation, from preliminary negotiations through the complete business development process, up to and including referrals to Petrini & Workman associates who are licensed professional securities specialists who have assisted our clients in securing funding in the venture capital arena. As the forerunner in its industry, Petrini & Workman realizes that its success, to a large degree, depends on its client’s success. Since your business is a proactive part of the development and implementation of our solutions, Petrini & Workman clients have always experienced superior levels of performance and service, driven by our relationship-based philosophy.

Over the ensuing years, the Petrini and Workman Professionals have worked on virtually every type of project including: high tech/low tech, manufacturing, retail, IT consulting, small mom-and-pop businesses, home-based businesses, multi-unit independent businesses, as well as service projects including many of the most recognized national franchises and distributorships. Our Petrini and Workman professionals have consistently and successfully advised our clients and provided them with astute direction with respect to complicated debt and equity offerings. Utilizing the combined expertise of our corporate finance, legal, research, and business development departments, we have created a dynamic integrated approach to preparing documents for the acquisition of capital yielding superior results. Petrini & Workman assists its clients’ financial requests in a way that makes investors and lenders take notice. This separates Petrini & Workman from its competitors and has resulted in an impressive array of industry and personal references.
Whether our clients wanted to start a home-based business, sell their business, restructure their debt, or buy a franchise, Petrini & Workman was there to help them realize their financial objectives.

We are proud that the Petrini & Workman, LLP has established an outstanding reputation for responding to dynamic market and economic environments with creative business plans, coaching, consulting and extensive and creative funding resources. Petrini and Workman will continue to provide unique services and innovative financing strategies by conducting its business emphasizing the maintenance of long-term relationships.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Creating a synergistic ecosystem amongst all of our family businesses in order to provide more client offerings both domestically and internationally within the next two (2) years. 

Our Mission

Establish openness, demonstrate empathy, and challenge the status quo in order to provide sustainable growth opportunities for our clients. 

Our Values

We are committed to conducting business ethically and in compliance with the letter and spirit of the law. This commitment is reflected in our core values and is embodied by our Code of Ethics. A key component of our corporate culture is to always operate with integrity and ensure that our employees, independent contractors and other members of our community are provided with the knowledge and tools they need to make decisions which reflect our core values

Our Team

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Contessa Petrini

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Benjamin Workman

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